five minute friday: plan

Linking up for Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes on a given topic. This week’s prompt is ‘plan’.


My phone beeped this morning, the little alert sound from BBC World News that tells me there’s been a major event. The author Sir Terry Pratchett had died following a battle with Alzheimer’s. This was certainly big news in this house, as he’s Mike’s favourite author and Mike is a budding science fantasy writer himself.

I confess to not having read any of his books. I’ve always meant to, and we certainly have plenty of them in our house, but they’ve just never made it to the top of my reading pile. He certainly has no shortage of fans though. My Facebook feed’s been busy all day with tributes to him as various friends and pages found out the news.

Some of the tributes to him have been beautifully written. Take this one that was posted on his Twitter for example. While I don’t agree with it as such, I do appreciate how well it is written.


I’m always saddened by the death of prominent people. Not because ‘the earth would be a better place if they stayed around a while longer’ but because, although they’ve met the world’s definition of success, have they found Jesus? Have they found the one thing that matters above all else- the one thing that, no matter how badly you screw up your plan for your life, if you find God’s plan and come into a relationship with Jesus, you’ve succeeded in the end.

I don’t claim to know too much about Pratchett, but a quick Google search tells me his comments in interviews hinted more along the lines of being an atheist. I hope and pray this was not the case and that he had indeed found Jesus before he died.

While scrolling through the rest of today’s news I found these comments on an article about an execution in Texas this week. a final statement, ..thanked “the Lord for his kind mercy, faithfulness and unconditional love”. “In Jesus’ name I pray,” he said, then told the warden, “I’m ready”.

I’m not making any comment for or against capital punishment here, and I acknowledge that what he did was horrendous, but I couldn’t help but think that, no matter how badly he screwed up his plan for his life, it sounds like he got God’s plan right. I could say the same thing about Andrew Chan currently on death row in Indonesia. I’m not sure I could say the same thing about Prachett. And that saddens me.


(I’m not that quick a writer. This actually took me just over 10 minutes. Had more to say than I thought!)


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