end of feb update

I just realized it’s been almost a month since I updated. So much has happened!

We got to take Zoe home on Thursday, Feb 12, at 4 months and 12 days old! Most other babies get out at 3 days old, Zoe just had to be slightly different. Everything went well and with ten million stops, we made it home.

Just before heading home for the first time

Just before heading home for the first time

Put Zoe on her PD machine and we all went off to sleep. Round about 3am the machine started alarming. Apparently it thought there was some obstruction in the line- there was absolutely nothing. Calls to the company didn’t help either. In the end there was nothing to do but to turn it off as the machine was flatly refusing to go any further. We tried to get hold of the spare machine that had been supposed to be left at the hospital here, but it had never actually arrived there! It had gotten lost in transit and no one could figure out where it was (!!) The same thing happened on Friday and Saturday nights. By Sunday morning, after three nights of Zoe only having three quarters of her normal PD, I ended up taking her back to Adelaide. Her bloods looked good (she’d had pretty reasonable outputs in spite of it all) but she got admitted until they could send out another machine.

Sleeping on mummy....we ran out of onesies for Zoe so had to borrow a hospital one!

Sleeping on mummy….we ran out of onesies for Zoe so had to borrow a hospital one!

The new machine arrived Tuesday and we were all set to go home. Then on that morning’s bloods…Zoe’s sodium was low. We ended up staying until Wednesday- her dose got changed and her level had come up on Wednesday morning. We headed off home and guess what- I’d managed to leave her bottle of sodium chloride behind in Adelaide. Drama ensured. I ended up getting a bottle of 0.9% normal saline (a very much weaker solution than the concentrated one Zoe normally has) and instead of giving 0.89ml I had to give her 19mls. Huge amount for a tiny stomach. I had to give it over about half an hour to stop her spewing. Fortunately they managed to send it down by Friday. I now have enough to last the majority of the next year if her dose doesn’t change.

We’ve actually made it home 8 days now. I took Zoe back for her first weekly appointment yesterday and they were very happy with how she’s going. I kept expecting something to go wrong all week, but it hasn’t! Everything’s been working smoothly, thank God. I’m hoping that’s it for admissions for us for a while and we can have some time at home to adjust to our new ‘normal’ way of living!


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