home! or halfway there….

Guess who got discharged from hospital today for the first time in her life, just shy of 4 months old!  I was a bit nervous today prior to taking her home but it’s all gone so smoothly….PD and overnight feeds on no problem and both girls asleep by 6.45pm! Thank you Jesus! We’re at Ronald McDonald House for 1-2 more weeks, and then if everything’s running smoothly then we can head home. Exciting!!



three point five month update

Time has just flown away from me! I just realized I haven’t posted since December. Granted, I haven’t been doing a LOT as Zoe’s still in hospital, I’m just not too sure where the time’s gone.

Zoe’s 3.5 months old now. We’ve reached that point where you start forgetting how old they are in weeks and start thinking in months, and when you realize what you’re doing, you realize you wouldn’t even know how many weeks they were anymore without checking a calendar.


I love this age. I’d forgotten how much I love this age. Zoe’s right on track for development (she’s been checked by multiple physios and OT’s who all agree she’s a perfectly normal 3.5 month old in terms of development) and she’s smiling, making good eye contact, trying to get people’s attention, cooing and making little sounds, and has turned from a newborn into a beautiful little interactive baby. She even rolled over for the first time the other day, much to my surprise! She doesn’t seem too willing to do it again, but I have the evidence on video…..



Zoe’s still an inpatient. We still get to take her out on day leave which helps pass the time somewhat- usually we don’t do anything more interesting than go to the playground or the zoo. She’s getting bigger, closing on 5 kilos in weight, although still tiny for a baby her age. She’s making her own line on the percentile chart, which is just fine for her.

At the beginning of last week we started trialing her on the automatic peritoneal dialysis machine she’s going to be going home on. She’s done really well and tonight is her first full night on it. Mike and I are both experts at using it. Hopefully tonight goes well and then we’ll be just that one little step closer to getting home. There are a few other things to sort out and stabilize first, including some high blood results, but we’re getting there.


Been a hard last 3.5 months, and I don’t doubt that it’ll be a hard few years to follow, but feeling blessed beyond measure right now.