update two : 34 weeks

Heading down again on Monday for a scan, and then probably inducing either late next week or the beginning of the week after…..eeeek.
It’s quite hard to imagine that this could all be happening so soon.
We saw the loveliest doctor yesterday who told us that at this stage, there isn’t any reason that this baby shouldn’t be born alive. What happens later on down the track, well, no one can still tell us that. But it was lovely to hear that…I think it’s the most positive thing anyone’s said to me in the last three months.
So Monday it is to get what looks like it’ll be our final scan and induction date. Yesterday the abdominal circumference was 22mm more than the head circumference. Estimated weight was 2.7kg (huge for 34 weeks) but I asked if that number could be slightly skewed because of the large abdominal circumference (as they use a combination of abdominal circumference, head circumference, femoral length and one other thing to calculate the estimated weight- and the formula’s only as good as the numbers you put in it, right?) and she said yes. At any rate they said even if their estimations are correct, I birthed Annika at 3.5kg and this baby will be smaller than that, so I should be able to get him or her out…
Just finding it hard to believe that it’s so close now. It hasn’t been that long really…three months today actually since I found out all this and everything started, but it feels like it’s been much longer than that.
Reality of actually having this baby is starting to sink in bit by bit…the reality that we are likely to have a live baby in less than two weeks…it’s only sinking in slowly, and sort of terrifying me at the same time, as I wasn’t expecting it all so soon, but I’m happy. Happy to have an end date in sight. Happy to know that part one of this story, this pregnancy, will be over soon and we’ll get to meet baby and finally this not knowing what’s happening might soon be over.


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