34 weeks update

Huge and heavy  just about describes it. Ever since I ‘popped’ out around 30-31 ish weeks, I’ve just been getting bigger and bigger! I’m carrying really low still (well, I guess once you start carrying low you don’t bounce up high again) Moving around isn’t exactly comfortable. I’ve still got a couple of weeks left at work but am wondering if that’s a bit too much, which is strange given I worked up to 38 weeks with Annika!

I’m going back to Adelaide tomorrow, hopefully returning with a date for induction…although I’m trying not to get my hopes up on that too much, given that I rarely leave appointments with any new or concrete information about what will happen.

So many things are different from this pregnancy to the last. Although I never got really puffy with A, I did notice a bit of fluid from about the mid-20’s weeks. This time, fingers crossed, I haven’t had that, even when I’ve been on my feet all day. I remember with A I took my wedding ring off around 29 weeks as it was getting a bit difficult. This time it still slips off easy, so I’m still wearing it. I wonder if that has to do with carrying low? Hmmm!

I’ve started to get ready for having this baby. I’m really hoping to avoid a c/section, but given I carried to 41 weeks with A I don’t think my body will be ready naturally by itself to be induced at 38 weeks or maybe earlier. So I’ve started the three cups a day of raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil capsules, and every day I’m not working I try to go for a walk. With A I tried clary sage oil, curries, and halfheartedly a few other things…although I think it was the 100 star jumps at 40+5 that got us there eventually!

Not much else to report- I got my second anti-D jab yesterday. Painful stuff. Port Pirie hospital still ring occasionally and keep an eye on me, although for the vast bulk of the time I don’t know who I’m meant to be seeing, or if I’m even keeping up with all my scheduled appointments, and when I’m meant to be going. I’ve completely forgotten how many appointments I had with Annika and when. Although for  a high risk pregnancy like this compared to the boringly normal pregnancy I had with her it seems to be a bit pointless to even try to compare the two.

I think that’s about all the pregnancy updates. I do have cute updates though. This is Little Red Riding Hood and the closest thing we could find to a wolf last weekend- although this one’s more likely to lick you than eat you.

IMG_0140I haven’t sewn anything with a hood before, so even though this was pretty basic sewing, I was very happy with it! Her hood’s now in the dress-up box, I hope she wants to wear it again!





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