update from friday

There weren’t heaps of changes from Friday’s appointment. Amniotic fluid appears stable at 3.25 (down from 4 at the last appointment) which means there is still some urine being produced by the kidneys. Still growing away- size is at 88th percentile. I’m sort of taking that with a grain of salt though as I’ve heard ultrasound estimates of sizes are so inaccurate. Unable to find out if it’s a boy or a girl- baby is too low for that. ‘Looks happy in there for the time being’ was the comment used. Going back in 4 (or so) weeks- I’ve realised I’m working that day so will need to change it.
Some talk of inducing at 38 weeks which I would be more than happy with. This is due to the abdominal circumference being about 20mm wider than the head circumference, which is what they’re worried about at the moment. It suits me just fine, I’m a bit too uncomfortable this time round to want to keep going much more than that. I would be happier knowing it was even earlier at this time…but I know that’s definitely not good for baby, as appealing as it sounds to not be huge and uncomfortable any more.
I’ve applied for maternity leave now. Technically my last day is the 4th of October at 37 weeks, although I think my actual last day will be a few days before that, so I’ll have hopefully just gone 36 weeks when I finish.
And today’s my birthday…Happy birthday to me. I’m spending it sleeping in between night shifts. Night number 4 of 4 tonight!


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