29 weeks thoughts

It looks like I don’t have gestational diabetes. I went and did the glucose tolerance test (that horrible sweet Carbotest drink followed by bloods) and got the result yesterday, all fine.

I’ve been so used to things going wrong this pregnancy I had sort of convinced myself I probably had it. I didn’t even care too much, scarily enough, just another addition to my list of problems.

I also had antibodies come back negative (being of a RhD negative blood group) (also another problem I’d half convinced myself I’d have) so had that anti-D jab yesterday as well. For a cute distraction, A hung over the side of the bed and, looking up from munching on her Freddo Frog, commented most appropriately ‘Ouchie.’ Cuteness plus!

I’m supposed to go up to the WCH tomorrow, but I 1.don’t feel like it 2. am working tomorrow anyway, so I’m going to try to reschedule it for next week sometime or something like that. It seems pointless going anyway at the moment. I doubt they are going to give me any groundbreaking new developments one way or another…it’ll just be reiterating the same stuff that I already know.

This is a bit of a pessimistic post- I guess I’ve just had enough at the moment. I’m 29 weeks, I’m having trouble hiding the baby bump, I don’t even know if it is a boy or a girl, I have a non sleeping toddler that is going to be Little Miss Grumpy by 3.30 if she doesn’t have a sleep, I’m over having to look happy and excited for everyone else’s babies and healthy pregnancies. Just over it all.

I guess on a positive note this book arrived yesterday and I read some of it. It takes you from the early days, at the diagnosis right up until birth (and after I think? Can’t quite remember) I’ve read up until where I am now in this journey and it is so relatable. It’s nice to know I’m normal and that it’s not weird to jump back and forth with emotions etc. I’ll post some thoughts and things I’ve found out from that book at some point. Now I’m at the part of the book that relates to the part of the journey I’m not yet at I’m finding it harder to relate (understandably I guess?…) It’s a good book though, so I’ll persist with it and see how it goes.


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