preparations – august

I am usually really organised…well pretty organised anyway. When I was pregnant with A I had so much organised by 28 weeks. I had the cot and change table all set up, pram ready to go, appointment booked to install the car seat, and cloth nappies and clothes organised in little piles. This time I have a double pram and a car seat. Both of them I bought around 10 weeks, long before I found out about any problems. I don’t regret buying either of them- they were both bargains and I could probably sell them for close to what I paid for them. But I haven’t done anything else since then.

Today I took A up to one of the local op shops. Mainly just to kill time in the morning. Mornings are so hard when you’ve got a hyperactive toddler who needs to get out and be stimulated and there’s NOTHING to do in town. I’m too scared to go to a lot of the playgrounds around very often because of the lead contamination problem around here and there’s only so many times a week you can go to the library. Op shops are pretty good as I like finding bargains, as does Miss A, and I can usually justify buying something that she’s had her eye (and hands) on in the shop.

I found a few clothes for Miss A. Not that she needs more really, but I found a hoodie top with a butterfly on it. A is going through a stage where she won’t wear clothes that don’t have animals on them. At least butterflies are included in that, they’re not too hard to find on girls’ clothes. It worked; after a morning of refusing to wear a jumper in freezing cold weather A decided she liked the butterfly hoodie and on it went. We also found a few books-three books for 45 cents! One of the books only cost five cents. It’s part of a series and I’d bought a few others in the series for $1 each at an op shop in Mount Gambier. So, Mount Gambier price- $1, Port Pirie price- $0.05. I do love bargains!

I keep thinking that I should buy some things for baby, some little jumpsuits or something. Maybe a little beanie or some sort of hat. I just can’t bring myself to buy anything though. It just makes the whole thing seem too real. I don’t even know what colour to buy and I don’t like much of the unisex stuff. I could handle the unisex stuff if I knew I had years to dress them in cute, more gender specific stuff. I can’t bring myself to take super small stuff to the counter either in case the lady at the counter starts asking me questions about the baby. It’s stupid I know. I just can’t do it though. Maybe I’ll be able to later on. And then I don’t want to buy more than a couple of outfits anyway in case I have to take them home. I don’t think I could do that. I think I’d have to drop them off in a Lifeline bin on the way back. I also think I should make a cute baby blanket or something. I seem to find it easy to make baby blankets for other people’s kids at the moment. I just don’t want to make one for myself. Maybe I’d do better buying one online.

I know I’ve got to start getting real about this baby and that s/he will be make his/her way into the world in 12 weeks, max. (Usually I’d predict a late baby but I don’t think the WCH will be too happy about me going too far over my due date). I ordered the Big Picture Storybook Bible today. It should arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been wanting to order it for a while after seeing it at a couple of friends’ houses. It’s written for ages 2 upwards, so perfect for Miss A, and gives the ‘big picture’ of the Bible, as opposed to lots of individual stories on their own. I also want to get another camera so that we can take some photos, although I have no idea what to get/ what we could and would use/ what’s a good price or anything. Our last camera was a Christmas present from Mike’s parents five years ago and was great, but died while we were away and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to salvage it this time. iPhone photos are convenient but don’t print out well.

It’s so hard having to think of preparing for a baby like this. We really should be putting the car seat in, finding a bassinet and stocking up on newborn nappies and 0000 clothes. Instead it’s like this. It can’t be normal.





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