deuteronomy 31:8

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid;  do not be discouraged.

Someone wrote this verse in a lovely card I got this week. The context is Moses talking to the Israelites prior to entering the Promised Land. Shortly beforehand he had delivered a speech to them would have been quite emotional, I expect- he was telling them how he was now 120 years old, wasn’t able to lead them any more and had been told by God that he wouldn’t be crossing the Jordan with them anyway. Must have been some hard topics to talk about, but he couldn’t just dwell on them; he needed to give them a bit of a pep talk too, reminding them that God would give them the nations and help them defeat the people on the other side of the Jordan.

I know my problems are huge, and although I know there’s always someone worse off than me, I don’t think anyone would make light of them. Moses must have found himself in a lot of grief and emotional turmoil at this time too. These were his people and he had been wandering around the desert with them for the last 40 years. He’d seen them go through so much and right at the end not being able to go across the Jordan into the Promised Land with them must have been heartwrenching. For most of this life he had been working on this one project, so to speak- entering the Promised Land, and although he could take them to the shores of the Jordan, he couldn’t actually see the project be completed- he couldn’t see them actually enter and take possession of this land. He had to trust God with the rest of this project.  He had to trust that God knew what he was doing when he picked Joshua as the new Israelite leader. He had to encourage them and speak the words God gave him to build them up, even though I can’t believe he didn’t feel more like having a tantrum instead.


God goes before me. He knows what is to come. He is also walking beside me.

He will never leave or forsake me.

Therefore- I shouldn’t be afraid. (Although I am, frankly, I’m terrified of what the next scan might show, scared of going back to the WCH, scared of seeing anyone about anything to do with this pregnancy anymore).

And I shouldn’t be discouraged (quite honestly, I am…)

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid;  do not be discouraged.

I could say I believe the first sentence. But do I really? If I really, absolutely, 100% believed it, then I shouldn’t be afraid or discouraged. Yet I am. I need to believe that God is ahead of me, and beside me, and is going to stay there, regardless of my thoughts, actions or lack of belief.

God, please help me know, KNOW that you are with me, that you are with me and baby, every step of the way, that You know what is to come and that you will never leave us, even when everything seems to be crumbling and You seem so far away.

This is part of the prayer that was on the back of that card.

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy; but You came to bring life…We pray life over this baby…We entrust it to You. May Your will be done.

May You bless and keep this baby, may Your face shine upon it and be gracious to it.







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