end of june

Well the weekend came and went. We had friends from Queensland stay which was lovely (and distracting!) the first people we’ve had visit us since we moved here, so we were realllllly excited. A had an absolute ball of a time playing with their little boy too. I couldn’t believe how well they played together- when we moved here they were really too little to do much interacting at all, now they had a great time zipping around together getting into everything (with only the occasional toy dispute!)

I’ve just realised this morning that my next appointment is in only 2.5 weeks. That’s in just a scarily short amount of time that we find out how baby has been going since the last scan. On Saturday school’s out for the July holidays, meaning M gets a couple of weeks of work. I’d booked in for annual leave for the first week of the holidays too, which for some reason I managed to get (not an easy thing when you’re a nurse!) The original plan, booked ages ago, was to go see the south-east corner of this state: starting off with a couple of nights in Adelaide with friends, then heading down to Kangaroo Island, then down to Mount Gambier, then back through Adelaide to the Barossa Valley to stay with another friend for a couple of nights. I think we’ll still go- on most of it anyway. It seems silly to sit around at home all week thinking about things when neither of us have to work. But we’ll have to end it off with our last hospital appointment in Adelaide, which, to be honest, I’m really dreading.


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