The WCH made an appointment for us next Tuesday to see the neonatal team and pall care.

I called them back today and asked if we could do that later. I just don’t think I can handle seeing them next week.

They’ve made an appointment for another scan and seeing how baby is going on the 17th of July. Last Thursday of school holidays. We were going to be staying with a friend in the Barossa the night before, which is a lot closer to Adelaide than we are, so that works out quite well. They were really lovely about me not wanting to see the neonatal/ pall care teams not just yet. They talked to me for half an hour. I felt really bad because I’m sure they have plenty more things to do with their day rather than talk to me, but they were really lovely, kept asking questions and didn’t try to get off the phone or anything. Told me to call back if ever I needed to talk again.




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